Piano Recital 2017 Was A Great Success

I just want to congratulate all of my piano students on their performances in the spring  piano recital on June 4th. All of the students played beautifully and really put in their best effort. It was a beautiful day and a lot of proud parents were thrilled to see their children perform. Students usually prepare [...]

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Spring Piano Recital 2013: What A Beautiful Day!

The spring piano recital this year went smoothly and was just beautiful. I had no problems with the recital room (here in my community clubhouse) and the piano was tuned better than ever before! The students performed beautifully. I was so proud of each and every one of my students!! Watching all of the beaming [...]

The Spring Piano Recital 2010 Was A Wonderful Day!

The spring piano recital this year turned out wonderful and I was extremely proud of all of the students who performed. It is always exciting to watch the students perform after a full year of hard word, dedication, and commitment to their art. The youngest of students, ages 4 and 5 were adorable and they [...]

Piano Recital 2009 Was A Great Day!

Piano Recital 2009 The piano recital on May 31st 2009 was magnificent. The student performed beautifully and were all dressed to the hilt! The weather was beautiful, and the day could not have been better. This is a photo from the 3pm recital as one of my student's fathers is an excellent photographer. [...]

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