Piano lessons wellington, west palm beach, royal palm beach

Piano lessons wellington, west palm beach, royal palm beach

I am always amazed at the ability of young children to be able to play the piano and actually focus for a full 30 minute lesson. Not all children at this age are able to start private piano lessons due to inability to sit still for the full half hour. A surprising number of students, however, actually do very well at sitting for a 30 minute lesson and enjoying it as well.

I find that the use of a supplementary CD with singing and full orchestration along with the students’ pieces can actually help facilitate the learning process as well as the enjoyment during the lesson. In addition, listening to the piece before actually performing the song helps the student with rhythmic coordination as well.

What I really love about teaching young students is that I get to see the student performing beautiful, more challenging pieces at ages 6 and 7  because they began their musical training much earlier.

As stated previously, not all students can start piano lessons at a very young age. This can only be determined through an initial interview, in addition to having a couple of  piano lessons with the student to determine whether or not he or she is ready for formal lessons over time.

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