piano and keyboard lessonsThis is a question that I get asked a lot by new callers regarding piano and keyboard lessons. Sometimes I get calls from parents asking if their 2 year old is too young to start lessons. I answer this with an absolute “no”. The attention span, cognitive abilities and fine motor skills do not meet the criteria for lessons. I usually ask the parent to call me back when the child is at least  4 years old. Sometimes I will work with a 3 and a half year old, but this is usually more the exception than the rule.

So what really is the best age to begin piano or keyboard lessons for a child? My answer to this is that it truly depends on the child.

Every child is unique and there is really no set age to begin the study of the piano. I personally, will begin a child at 4 years old and I usually find the teaching to be quite successful for the majority of the time.

There are some things to consider as well:

  1. Is the child able to sit still at least for 30 minutes with a relatively good level of focus on the task at hand?
  2. Does the child show some interest in studying the piano, or is he or she highly resistant to the idea?
  3. Will the family and child collaborate on practice times and agree that this will be part of lessons. (tough with 4 and 5 year olds as I only recommend 5-10 minutes a day) 🙂
  4. Will piano and keyboard lessons fit into the schedule of the student, not creating too much pressure? I always recommend that a student is not overloaded with other activities when beginning piano instruction.
  5. Is the “student to be” able to count up to 10 and know and recognize numbers and letters. Knowing alphabet, at least first 7 letters is necessary.
  6. Will you, the family member be able to purchase a piano or keyboard to help your child practice at home?  This should definitely be in the budget when thinking about lessons.
  7. In addition, can you afford piano or keyboard lessons at this time in your child’s life or will it be better off to wait a little bit.piano lessons wellington west palm beach

So basically there are a few things to consider before enrolling a child in piano or keyboard lessons. Sometimes I believe that you and the child will know when the time is right.

Also, if the child keeps asking for lessons, and they are over 4 years of age, this is THE BEST time to start. Students that have a true desire to learn the instrument will usually stick with it over time, thrive at the instrument, and have great results.

In conclusion, every child is different, but ages 4-7 are wonderful ages to start a musical journey in learning an instrument.

Also, remember that nobody is too old to start. I teach adult beginners, teenagers, and older adults and it is a great experience for these students. One should never give up their dreams of learning the piano or keyboard.


Michelle Tukachinsky